Making Cake Pops (picture overload)

4 years ago

I`ve seen many many videos on how to make cake pop and I thought they looked so fun and easy. I really do enjoy the cake pops i buy at Starbucks, so what other better way to save money than to make my own and have as much as I like right? It looked so simple from the videos I watched, but boy was I wrong!

It took me I would say 4-5 hours to make a batch of 30!! Okay so let me break down the many steps I had to take to achieve these goodies.

First I had to mix the ingredients, and you know trying to get a even batter take about 4-5 minutes. <br>
Then I poured the batter in to pan and baked it for about 50 minutes (because my big oven broke so I used a tiny one that wasnt that hot)<br>
After that I had to let the cake cook in order to get my hands in there or else it would burn! That took 15mins <br>
Instead of using frosting like what most people did, i used nutella, because it is oh so good<br>
Next I had to thoroughly mix the cake and nutella until there wasnt any big chunks. This took a good 50 minutes because breaking the big huge pieces into tiny tiny pieces was NOT easy as it sounds. Also I was wearing gloves so the cake and nutella would stick to the glove and I had to constantly stop to scrap it off. <br>
Afterwards, I had to mold them into little balls. this was easy. About 15-20 minutes. Ifreezed them slightly afterwards<br>
Then I had to melt chocolate. I did this in increments because I didnt want the chocolate to harden as i went through all 30 balls. Took 45 minutes to dip them all around and cover it completely <br>
Next I melted chocolate and sprinkled sprinkles on it. i had to do this fast or the chocolate will no harden into a pretty shape. Then I froze them again.


<strong>I dont reccommend making cake pops unless you have A LOT of time on hand. The results turned out delicious [forgot to take a picture] but I dont think it was worth the work</strong>

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