Makeup While Scuba Diving

3 years ago

Since moving to the sunshine state, I`ve met quite a number of people who share my love for marine life. I`ve never been scuba diving before, but after being around all these people who do it for a living, it got me thinking that I definitely want to get certified. The picture above is of my friend who dives and cares for some pretty amazing marine life. It got me wondering... if i were to go diving, what would my makeup be like...?

Now, as a nature-y person, I first off don`t even recommend wearing makeup for things like this. It`s inconvenient and pretty pointless. BUT if you ARE going to wear makeup (say you`re on vacation or at a resort...), here`s what I would do:
-Waterproof mascara (I would assume this is obvious, haha)
-Smudge-proof liner (if you must - the kind that doesn`t move even when doused with water haha)
-Lip balm (ward off that salty water effect!)
-Moisturizer (seems weird at first, but trust me, you`ll be happy afterwards)

When engaging in any sort of recreational activity, less is definitely more. Go for simple, go for basic. Be smart. Don`t want to scare those fishies away with runny eyeliner, haha!

*Image is my own!!*

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