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I`m currently on a month-long trip and figured I`d share some of my beauty traveling tips :) The key when traveling for long periods of time is to keep things small and simple. All the makeup I brought with me fits into a nice little pouch and that`s all I need!

1. Set A Limit
Setting a limit for yourself on what you`re going to bring is crucial. Otherwise, you`ll end up bringing two whole palettes, six brushes, three lipsticks, and so on... Think small, think simple. Set a limit for yourself by picking a particular makeup bag and only allowing yourself to bring what will fit in the bag (note: this is different than a toiletries bag which your shampoo/conditioner/etc. goes into). This way, you have a fixed amount of space to work with.

2. Consider Your `Staples`
What do you wear everyday? Think: concealer, eyeliner, mascara, foundation... Your `staple` items are the things you should stick with and bring with you. No need for three eyeliners... bring the one that you wear most (or will feel most comfortable in most often). I packed one eyeliner, one mascara, one foundation (powder, not liquid, because it`s summer), and my favorite concealer. This keeps your travel collection small and you know you WILL use these items. Anything beyond your usual staple items is extra.

3. Simplify Your Makeup Looks, Plan Accordingly
By this, I mean to consider what looks you wear most often (smokey? Natural? Bright colors?) and plan to base most of your looks while you travel off that main look. For me, this meant utilizing my favorite and most-worn look: neutral smokey eye. This particular look can be dressed up or down, so it was perfect to plan for. I was able to narrow down my makeup items with just one eyeshadow trio for this look (rather than a bazillion single eyeshadows). The key is to be efficient with the products you have at your disposal. Minimize what you will use while still being able to produce the look you want. This goes for makeup brushes, too. I brought with me only two brushes: one for blush and one for eyeshadow. That`s it. Super simple!

4. Keep `Extras` To Just One Of Each
`Extras` are things you might want to bring to spice up a look between daytime/nighttime, or something you know you will need for a particular look (like, if you know you`re going to a party). For me, this meant bringing one blush to use for going out at night. This is an `extra` item for me, because it`s not necessary for most of my looks. If lipstick is an `extra` for you, try to pick a color you can wear with multiple looks, so that you don`t have to bring more than one lipstick.

5. If It Doesn`t Fit, Don`t Bring It
If you find that the makeup bag you chose for yourself is overfilled or won`t close with all the items you decided to bring, it`s time to eliminate. Anything that won`t fit size-wise should go. Anything that you included because you `might` want it should go. Anything that you have more than one of should probably go. Setting limits for yourself keeps you prioritized and allows you to really focus on the essentials you have.

This may seem crazy to some people, but trust me, it works! It`s worth it! I`d rather have more room in my suitcase for a nice shirt or a pair of shoes than just carrying makeup with me. I`m halfway through my trip and my little makeup bag is proving to be perfect for me! :) Keeping it simple is most important. Make the most of what you bring by being efficient and prioritized with it.

Let me know what you like to bring when you travel! Do you bring a lot of makeup? Or do you keep things simple? :)

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