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4 years ago

In my last three posts I explained the differences between the three different makeup solvents pictured. I touched briefly on why a makeup solvent is important, but I wanted to use this post to go into detail about it!

When you use a skin care routine, take for example the clinique three step (facial soap, clarifying lotion/toner, and dramatically different moisturizer) the purpose behind that regimen is to acheive and maintain healthy skin. That being said, the liquid facial soap (as with most others) is not designed to remove makeup. It is designed to to work solely on the skin. without properly removing the makeup, the different components of the three step will not be able to do their jobs.

For instance without removing makeup the liquid facial soap would remove a tiny bit of makeup, but not the dirt and oil from the surface of the skin. Once you then go to use the clarifying lotion/toner, it will not be able to effectively do its job because it will still only be able to pick up a little bit of the makeup. After that the dramatically different moisturizer will not be able to absorb into the skin because there will still be makeup, dirt and oil, and dead skin on the surface.

It is very easy to use these makeup solvents. Just like you would use the liquid facial soap you would wet the skin, rub a THIN layer of the product over the face (avoiding the eye area) then towel off. It is a very quick and simple process that will make all the difference in the world!

If you have noticed that your skin care routine isnt quite doing the trick, maybe this is a step you should try!
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