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3 years ago

1. Elf- So I know this is kind of a controversial brand but I honestly love it. I have gotten a lot of different things from this product and I think their makeup is great. And if some stuff doesn`t work for you who cares? This brand is honestly so cheap that I wouldn`t be all that sad if I didn`t like something. I have some of their lip glosses and they are literally just like Stila even in similar packaging. I will be doing a more in depth review on this certain brand later on when I get my order of a bunch of stuff i got. (: Oh yes and this brand even though its so cheap they also have a ton of sales. My order was if I spent 35 dollars I get a 25 dollar gift card for free and free shipping. It does take a looooong time for them to ship. But if you don`t mind waiting I think it`s absolutely worth the wait.

2. Wet n Wild- This brand is a no brainer. They are everywhere and everyone goes over to their station in drugstores to be looking at all the pretty colors. But a lot of people say because they are cheap they are really bad quality. I beg to differ. I think that they are definitely cheap but I don`t think that means they are bad. I have heard gurus raving about their eyeliner pencils (which are $0.99 by the way) that they are so soft. Also their lipsticks and even eye shadows have been rumored that they are a lot of dupes in their lines for more expensive brands like Mac and Urban Decay.

3. Jordana- Now this brand i don`t have to many products of but i really really want more. Jordana doesn`t have as much exposure as these other two brands but they are great I think. Their eyeliner is to die for. I had cleaned out my makeup recently and when I was doing some watches I had tried to later rub off the Jordana eyeliner and it wouldn`t budge! And if you`re anything like me I sometimes forget I am wearing makeup and I rub my eyes. This eyeliner is a must if you are a girl like me. Along with that I have heard so many gurus rave about their blush that it is just so pigmented and beautiful. I haven`t tried it yet but I really want to. When I do I promise I will talk more about this brand. They are also the same price range as the other two brands above. Go check out their website I promise you will love the price range.

Now ladies just because we are on a budget does not mean that we need to give up the finer things. I had talked about this in one of my other blogs more in depth but you can go on websites like swag bucks and of course this website to be able to earn some money. I am sooo excited that swag bucks has gift cards for Sephora. I know exactly what i will be getting. Along with that is ladies its okay to splurge every so often and places like Sephora and Ulta are honestly really really great. They give so many loyalty perks like every purchase you make you can get a bunch of free samples. And a lot of their products if you buy them gives you even more gift with purchases. So don`t be afraid but just know that they are a sometimes place. And we together will be able to save as much money as we can while still having the style that we deserve.

Tell me what you guys think! Comment and tell me your favorite brands or websites for a girl on a budget I always love learning new things! (:
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