Makeup from my sister!!

4 years ago

Hey guys!!
Every so often my sister just throws out makeup, brushes, and all that stuff because she either doesnt use it or she`s not crazy about the product. (unlike me, ill use it up to not let the money go to waste). She`ll usually call me over and ask if i want anything before she throws it all out and of course i love anything free so i dig right in!!! [sorry but i dont know any brands names of these items] The first is a gorgeous palette of blues & blacks (upper left) she`s pretty much used up most of the blacks & greys but what i`ve always loved about this is that the colors are superrrrr pigmented. I dont really have many blues at all so this is great! Next are these 2 shimmer powders w/ brushes. My sister told me that the powder is for the body but im not much of a body shimmer kinda gal so maybe ill try using them for something else like blush or eyeshadows, i`ve always liked the brushes and since my sister has never used anything but the brushes a few times im determined to find a use for this!! In the middle i have a single eyeshadow that`s a pretty shimmery silver. Lastly i have 4 gorgeous palettes which are hardly touched! I thought my sister was crazy for almost throwing these out!! She`s only hit pan with 3 out of 32, and some she hadnt even touched!! I can see myself using all of these colors!

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