Makeup forever Mat Velvet+ review!

5 years ago

Review for Makeup forever Mat velvet + foundation!

There was quite an extensive list of requests I had in order for my new foundation to reach my expectations.

1) The first was something that would last throughout the day without a lot of maintenance.

Why? I love to do my own makeup but not 100 times a day, who has the time for that? I also live in a climate that gets VERY HUMID in the spring and summer and within 10 minutes outside of the house I feel like most of my makeup melts away.

Why does this foundation fit this? It is waterproof and long lasting!

2) The second is matte finish that wasnt overly fake looking.

Why? In the past I have either a very strange matte looking finish or a dewy looking finish and for me that is NOT cute I have combination skin that gets VERY oily so I would prefer not to add to that look.

Why this foundation works? It is a matte finish as the name states but it is also a VERY natural looking finish as well.

3) I needed something that was oil-free.

Why? I get very oily throughout the day and I dont need any extra oil on my face!

Why this works? It is oil-free!

4) The last thing on my list was something that matched my skin perfectly.

Why? I have a lot of problems finding the right color to fit my skin tone. I have tried almost if not all of the foundations that are made to match my skin type at Mac and they never seem to match my skin tone quite right.

Why this works? There is a broader range of light colors with this brand so someone who has lighter skin tone like me is able to find a better match, while still being able to have a high quality foundation.

Foundation rating:
Long lasting: 5/5
Natural looking finish: 5/5
Quality: 5/5

I think this foundation is amazing! If you have combination skin that gets oily throughout the day and are in the market for a new foundation you should really check this out.

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