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4 years ago

Step by Step to a good coverage
1) After hidratares skin with your usual moisturizer, wait two minutes to be absorbed. Take a little base, the size of a pea, and distributes all over the face (the one speck of a technique based on each area of the face works well). Then you have to spread. It is best to use a brush (like the F80 or Sigma Studio Powder Brush ELF), as fingers can not cover all irregularities, getting faded underserved areas. It is important to wash the brush frequently.
2) Once you have placed a base layer over face, corrects dark circles with your preferred broker, and then corrects the bubbles possibly still notice after applying the base. If you are not suitable for correcting a bubble, you can use your base. Take a little extra and apply as if correcting.
3) Now it is time to apply the powder. The best way, in my opinion, the powder is applied with a kabuki. However, be careful not to "scrub" the brush on the face and take the base that we applied already. The ideal is to give small touches in the face in areas where we want to apply the powder and then lightly blending, without ever doing a lot of pressure.
4) It`s time to blush. Those who have acne should avoid using sunscreen + + illuminator blush, because all this can be very heavy for the skin. Ideally, use a fragrance-free powder blush spread the cheeks slightly. The tone blushes pink / coral are the best because eventually also disguise the bubbles, which tend to have a reddish tint.
That`s it :) I hope this long post has helped you. It is very important to take extra care when skin suffering from acne. I know that many people seek to cover everything and ends up not using the right products. With these products, and this step-by-step will get your cover imperfections without harming the skin. Good luck :)

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