Makeup Expiry Dates

4 years ago

As much as we hate to admit it, makeup does expire. And this means that for all those who have a huge makeup collection, please take a look at which products are over a year and a half old and chuck them out!

Not only will these expired products irritate your skin, many of the water-based ones, such as mascara can harbor harmful bacteria which can lead to infections. This is especially true for those who like to reapply makeup during the day. Dust gets on your face and when you reapply makeup, you trap the dust further into your face and then you transfer the dust onto your makeup brushes and applicators as well.

Here are the shelf lives of many popular products listed from the day you open it:
Non-liquid eyeshadows and foundation - 2 years (for pacts, remember to store them away from your applicator, if stored with your applicator, it should expire within 1 year)
Liquid Foundation & BB Cream - 1 year
Lip colors - 1 year
Mascara & Eyeliners - 3 months
For those with pot liners, such as myself, they should last 1 year as long as you are diligent about cleaning your brushes, which should be once a week!

Hope that helps.

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