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4 years ago

Here is my makeup collection and storage! I have quite a bit of makeup--much more than I will ever need in my entire life, I feel like! I have accumulated a bit over the past year and a half. Mostly drugstore products, but some are higher end. I love NYX, Revlon and Maybelline from the drugstore. For higher end, I don`t have very much, as you can probably see in the video, but I do have a bit of Urban Decay mostly. As much as the higher end makeup entice me, I can`t bring myself to spend that much on makeup (even though I`m pretty sure higher end makeup probably have "better" chemicals, which are probably better for your face, but still!), unless it`s during the Sephora Friends & Family sale ;) hehe (which is coming up soon guys!!).
Anyway, my "vanity" is from Lowes, but you can find find this utility table from any hardware store. Of course you can buy a fancier vanity table from Ikea, any furniture store, Pier 1, etc! But I don`t have the funds to do so, so this will do!
The storage bins are from Walmart. You can find similar ones at Target. Of course there`s also the higher end version of these storage bins that are acrylic, not plastic! And cost much more, but can be a little prettier to look at!
As far as organization goes, I organize the storage bins by what I use most to what I use the least; Left to right. In most of the individual drawers, I separate them by eye products, face products, lip products, eyelashes, etc. So it`s not a jumbled mess!
I am glad I have these tiny storages because they do make me feel like I have them filled up for the most part and maybe they`ll trick my brain into thinking I already have WAY more than enough (which I know I do, especially because I get too lazy to wear makeup on the daily anyway haha), and I won`t spend as much money on makeup..and then I`ll actually be able to save my money like I actually want to, but I can`t ever truly do! haha Makes me sound like a terrible person that can`t be trusted with my own money! :P

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed this video!! :) And if you read this entire thing, then thank you for doing so as well! :)
Ps. I do actually have a job & work, for those who may critique!!

What are your ways of organizing & storing your makeup? :)

***This is my own video that I posted to YouTube..and am now posting to LUUUX.

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