Makeup brush maintenance tips!

4 years ago

Keeping your brushes clean is super important. i cant even express how important is it. also storing your brushes.
here are some tips on cleaning your brushes:

-one brush that you should clean everyday is the foundation brush. not cleaning your foundation brush everyday can cause you break outs and irritation on your face. no body wants that to happen so clean the foundation brush everyday. also the eyeliner brush is important you clean it everyday and the lip brush. the reason you want to clean this brushes everyday is because you add germs to all your brushes everyday you use them and you dont want to keep adding more germs tan you have.

-your eyeshadow brushes, those you want to clean every now and then not every day. but if you want to clean them everyday go ahead .

- when you clean your brushes make sure the water doesnt go pass the metal thingy cause when you do that over and over the bristles will start to come out cause you are actually removing the glue that keep them together

- you dont have to buy a special cleanser cause cleaning your brushes constantly that will add up and you will end up paying a lot of $$$ plus they are pricey

- their is no wrong way of cleaning brushes you can clean them however you want but i use a soap bar, yes a soap bar i just go back and forth and then when i feel it has enough soap i go back and forth on my hand. you want to make sure you take all the soap out of the bristles cause that will damage your brushes

- you can clean your brushes with a bar soap, dish washer soap or anything you want it doesnt have to be a bar soap

- some of the brushes that are for my face are really rough, so what i do is just take a little of conditioner that way i can soften the bristles and that really does work the end up being softer than they were before

so those are some of my tips and hopefully this helps you
comment and let me know how do you clean your brushes


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