Makes Your iPhone Smell Like Chocolate

4 years ago

Are you jealous, Android & Blackberry users? I bet you can`t make them smell like chocolate. I kid. I kid. ThinkGeek is currently selling a <strong>chocolate scented iPhone 4/4S case.</strong> With this sweet-smelling case, you can get the smell of chocolate everywhere you go! And it`s super cute, too, with that adorable smiling face. I`m sure this phone will boost your mood! And if you`re worried about it making you hungry for chocolate, don`t worry, I`ve read that smelling foods actually helps you lose weight. Don`t quote me on that, though! Google it to be sure. :p

<strong>Quick Facts:</strong>
Looks like a chocolate bar
Smells like a chocolate bar
<strong>DOES NOT</strong> taste like a chocolate bar
From ThinkGeek
Rubbery case with a smiley face

If I didn`t just buy another case, I would be all over this. I think it`s really cute. Ah. iPhones have way too many cute cases. And for the price it actually isn`t that bad considering Apple Store sells cases that can range up to $100. Like, whoa.

This would also make for a great present for a girlfriend because what girl doesn`t like getting chocolates? This way, she can get the same gift of chocolates but in a less fattening form. Oh yeah. Win-Win right there.

<strong>Would you like this for your iPhone 4/4S?</strong>

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