Make your Skin Glow

4 years ago

Every girl wants to have skin that glows in the sun and has a nice tone to it. Sometimes people think its hard to achieve that goal, But it isnt. Its really easy.

Keep your skin clean. Take a shower three times a day. Theres lots and lots of bacteria on your skin that can get on by touching things or going outside. So its really important to clean and exfoliate your skin to rub all the dead skin cells. Moisturize your skin daily with a good lotion. DONT POP THOSE PIMPLES. Try to not pop your pimples or poke zits on your face. Try applying sunscreen or sunblock , so the sun rays wont harm your skin that much and create patches on your skin. Check out your diet and eat plenty of veggies and fruits. Heres a list of foods that are really good for your skin.

Water- water hydrates your skin and keeps you energized and youre ready to go.
Tomatoes- tomatoes have lots of antioxidants and that will boost benefits. Cantaloupe also has lots of antioxidants
Berries- also have plenty of antioxidants. Try tossing some on your cereal or eating them for snack.
Broccoli- When you hear your mom say Eat your broccoli you should really eat your broccoli.

This the way to make your skin glow!!If you have any questions or ideas for a post email me at and I will be sure to help you!!

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