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5 years ago

Hello luuuxers im making this post to teach all luuuxers that want to make a radio online for free and to talk a little bit about Listen2myradio.
So i have a radio online on this place called listen2myradio, and if you go on google and put listentomyradio and search you will find the web-site.

Basicly when you go on the site you will have to chose witch tipe of radio you want.
I chosed the free one since im not always on the radio and i didn`t want to pay anithing.
Listen2myradio is a really awesome site that lets you make your own radio for free!
Once you made your acount you will have to download virtual dj or another program similiar and put the sorvey and your ready to transmit.
If you were locking for a website to transmit your radio this is the right one, with free broadcasting and with alot of people with their radio..


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What do you think of having your own radio?
What do you think of listen2myradio?

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