Make Your Perfume Last LONGER! and Some Tips and Tricks.

3 years ago

Many of you already know these little tips and tricks I`ll be sharing with you. I just want to share these little tips and tricks that I`ve learned over the years with you guys because I know many people who can benefit from this and I`m sure many of you can too!
It is best to apply your perfume just when you get out of the shower, after you dry off and before you get dressed. If you aren`t showering before applying your perfume just make sure your skin isn`t dry because the scent will last longer on moisturized skin. You can also add a little petroleum jelly to the areas that you`ll be putting the fragrance on to make it last longer. The places you should focus on spraying your perfume are on your wrists, behind your neck, behind your knees, behind your ears and in your cleavage... the natural heat from these places on your body will release the scent.
Don`t apply the scent on your clothes, you can ruin them! That is another reason why you should do this before you get dressed.
Don`t waste your perfume by spraying it in the air and walking through, yes that`ll help you to get a lighter scent but it will also waste a lot of it.. just spray once on each on of your wrists and push them together a couple of times or spray once on the back of your neck if your perfume has a heavy scent and you don`t want it to be overwhelming. DON`T rub your wrists together! So many people do this, you are actually getting rid of the scent! Be careful when spraying perfume in your hair. A lot of perfumes have ingredients that can dry out your hair. If you really want to spray it in your hair, just give it one or two sprays and don`t hold the bottle too close to your hair. And lastly, try not to store your perfume in direct sunlight. I know that I like to keep my perfumes on my vanity because they look so pretty but my vanity is under my window and I don`t want to shorten the life of them or damage the scent.
I hope this was helpful!

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