Make your own high waist shorts

5 years ago

High waist shorts are in right now, you see girls everywhere wearing it and it makes you want a pair. Now you can of course buy a pair from urbanoutfitters, but there expensive and i don`t think you would wanna buy a pair of it for $30 when you can use that money to buy two shirts. So i recommend buying a pair of old high waist pants from the thrift store and cut them into high waist shorts yourself, this saves you so much money. If you want to know how to make a pair like mines above go on YouTube and search up "How to make high waist shorts" and there are a lot of videos. Trust me YouTube teaches me everything. (I know the thrift store may be a little frighting for some people because its used clothes but if you think about it, families who donate clothes are families who have money, and most likely they`re clean people. also when you go try pants on at a store, your not the only girl who put your bottom in those pants, 20 other girls did before you and you don`t know how clean they are, just saying).

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