Make your Beauty Blender go from EWW to NEW!

4 years ago

Im pretty good about rinsing out my beauty blender after each use, but as you may know, they still manage to stay a bit stained. Well, I found a way to return your beloved Beauty Blender to a nearly new state! Sure, you can buy that Beauty Blender special cleaner and be set back almost $18 OR you can spend about $5 and get this: Dawn dish soap.

Dawn Dish Soap works pretty much like a Beauty Blender spot remover (if you dont believe me just look at the previous picture). Its gentle enough to not harm the sponge, but hearty enough to get in there are remove the grime! I had forgotten that my Beauty Blender was that bright of a pink!

All youve got to do is wet the sponge, drizzle some Dawn on it, and squeeze away (repeat if necessary)! Just make sure that youve got all of the Dawn out of the sponge before letting it dry.

(Just for the record, I muddied up the ewww sponge before cleaning it although I did a very thorough rinse with water to get the majority of the product out before doing the Dawn cleaning)

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