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Wow, I have not been on LUUUX in forever! So here is my first post in like two years!

I bought this powder some months ago because I was searching for a finishing powder to tame my oily skin and I had heard great things about this powder! I previously had a finishing powder from CVS by Salma Hayek and while it did seem to help a little, the powder itself ran out pretty quickly. I think the powder from CVS was either $12 or $14 and I did not really feel like spending that much money on a powder when it ran out so quickly, I thought that I should give MUFE $30 HD Powder a try because if I continued to use the CVS powder I would end up spending more than $30 since it ran out so quickly. And if I did not like the MUFE powder I could always return it back to Sephora! (love that return policy!) So anyway I bought the MUFE Powder and I love it! It definitely helps control my oiliness. I do still get oily, but no where near as much as I do when I am not wearing this powder. It also makes your skin just look so much smoother and flawless when you put it on! It also lasts foooorrreeevvverrr! I don`t even remember when I bought it, and I still have half the jar left, if not more! The only downfall about this powder is if you put to much on, it turns out white on your skin. You just have to make sure you tap off the excess powder before you apply it and your good to go!

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