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3 years ago

A few times a year, there is a cosmetics warehouse near my house that has a sale, selling tons of health, beauty and cosmetic items for very affordable prices.

It`s called the Lisa`s Cosmetics sale, and if you live in the North Toronto or Markham area, you have probably heard about it!
It has gotten increasingly popular every time I have gone, and they even have lines going out the door of people waiting to get in! It can be kind of annoying standing in the cold, but it`s worth it once you are inside since there are tons of deals!

I went with my mom and here is some of the stuff I picked up!

I am always in need of shampoo, so i picked up the huge bottles of the Tressemme Luxurious moisture shampoo and conditioner. These were 4 bucks each, and are bigger than the regular 1L bottles I see at Walmart for 5 bucks.

I also grabbed a few items from my favourite Vaseline collection - I love the Cocoa radiant product. They smell great and work even better. I bought 1 of the petroleum jelly, 1 of the deep conditioning cream and 1 of the mini lip therapy tubs - which I love to use every night before bed.

Speaking of lips, I also bought some lip balms from Softlips. Softlips was my favourite lip balm brand when I was in high school - I was addicted to the french vanilla scent! I bought one during the last warehouse sale, and lucky for me, they had them again so I picked up a pack of 2. I also grabbed a peppermint one from their `Nourish` line. With winter here, I am a victim of chapped lips, so I figure these will be handy to have in my purse!

Moving onto cosmetics, I grabbed a few items. I have lots of stuff at home from the last sale that I haven`t even gotten to try yet, so I made sure to only grab items I really want and can make use of! I bought 1 Revlon colorstay Liquid Lipstick. My mom bought these at the sale a few years ago, and she wears them everyday! She always goes and stocks up buying at least 5 or 6 of them... they will last her until the next sale rolls around LOL. Since she raves about them so much, I decided to get one as well. They actually have pretty good staying power, so I am impressed! If I got back before the sale is over, I may buy some more!

Next up, I went over the the Elizabeth Arden section. My mom and sister rave about EA cosmetics, but I haven`t really tried them. I decided to get an eye shadow quad for 12 dollars. They had a few different kinds, but I picked out a nice set of neutral purples.

They also had a section with some various make-up brushes for sale. I have been looking for a dome brush for a while. and noticed this one from Spa Resource. I see them at Walmart, but they are 11 or 12 dollars. I saw the exact same one for only 6, and picked it up.

Last on the make-up list, I noticed a brand called Red Earth. They only had a few items from them, but they were priced at under 2 dollars. Mostly they had some lip liners, but I actually really like the eye shadow single they had. It is a pale shimmery green colour and was very silky. I would have bought some other colours if they had them available, but this was the only one left, and I picked up for 99 cents.

Moving away from make-up, I need something to take all that make-up off. My favourite make-up remover is the 2 phase one from Marcelle. (The 2 phase ones are the ones that have 2 parts and you have to shake before using). I bought it at my first ever Lisa`s sale years ago, and it is my favourite! Last time I went, they didn`t have any left, so I ended up with another Marcelle remover that isn`t 2 phase, and I don`t like it as nearly as much. I ended up buying 2 bottles this time, for 5 dollars each. My sister already stole one, so if I go back to the sale, I need to remember to stock up on some more!

They also have a variety of nail polishes at the sale, and this year, they even added China Glaze to their stock, but I wanted to be good, so I avoided it entirely. My mom did spot this glitter polish from Sally Hansen, and knowing that I love to use glitter for my accent nail picked this up for me at only 99 cents.

Moving away from make-up, I did also get some health and personal care products.
I bought some of my favourite Nair Wax strips since they are so easy to use. These were around 7 dollars for a pack of 40.
I also bought some Visine Eye drops for contact lenses, since they come in handy.
Next up are some Band-Aid blister cushions. These are useful for uncomfortable shoes, and are even useful to put on before the blister develops and a prevention method!

Last, I bought a 2 pack of Tooth travel picks. My mom is a dentist, so she suggested I have these to keep in my purse. I do have this one spot in between my teeth where food always gets stuck, so this is perfect for picking out that piece of lettuce or parsley!

This haul was pretty low key compared to some of my others from Lisa`s , but I tried to focus on getting the products I needed most!

Have you ever taken advantage of a warehouse sale like this? Do you live in the GTA? Have you ever been to Lisa`s sale?

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