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3 years ago

Confused about concealer, what CC or BB cream even does, or the difference between liquid and powder foundation and whether to buy pressed or loose powder? Find out which make up products fit your needs!

Skin care obviously starts at the source; if you have acne, dark spots or fine lines and wrinkles, there will be flaws in how your makeup turns out. (Refer to my article on: `The Top 5 Skin Care Products Every Girl Should Use` for more details about how to have clear skin.) But there are a number of make up items out there that can make your skin complexion look smooth, radiant and airbrushed. I`ve listed them down below so you can pick and choose the ones you think will best fit for the look you want to achieve.

Concealer: this product often comes in a liquid, or cream form. It is designed to cover up blemishes, dark spots and blackheads more effectively than regular foundation. Only apply this product to the affected area, as opposed to your entire face. Many people choose to use it under their eyes to make them look brighter and more awake. Apply with your ring finger, by dabbing gently onto the area, or by using a concealer brush.

CC Cream: a tinted moisturizer, standing for color correcting. This product is lighter and more weightless than BB cream. It is used to cover the entire face, to reduce redness and puffiness. Apply with your fingers in a downward motion.

BB Cream: These creams, also tinted moisturizers, stand for blemish balm. This is because it contains special additives such as antioxidants. Many times it contains SPF, so for people that dont like going to the beach or pool without foundation on, but dont want something that will melt right off, this is a good choice. ESPECIALLY since it will protect your skin from harmful sun damage. Apply with your fingers, in a downward motion.

Liquid Foundation: There are a variety of these, containing different coverages and consistencies. Full coverage will literally cover everything, but be fairly heavy on your face, and then there is medium and light. The lightest one will cover any acne or imperfections you have minimally, so it is not recommended to wear it for big events. You can get oil free, if you have oily skin and do not want to risk breaking out. It is best to apply this with a foundation brush, or sponge like the Beauty Blender.

Pressed Powder Foundation: The powder is literally pressed into its container, so if you were to tip it upside down, it would not come out. Apply this with a beauty sponge, or fluffy foundation brush. Make sure it is oil free if you are worried about breakouts. I often like to use this type of powder foundation to set my liquid foundation, by applying it after a few minutes of having liquid foundation on my face. I find that it helps keep it in place better.

Loose Powder Foundation: If you are on the go a lot, or want light coverage, or are even just looking to have some flaws covered when youre out and about, this is the foundation for you. If you were to tip this over, it would definitely come out, because all of the powder has not been confined down into the container. Use a big fluffy foundation brush to apply this, NOT a sponge, and gently tap the brush off of your wrist before you use it, to get rid of extra build up. Bare Minerals makes great loose powders!

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