Make up !

Step 1: Base of high coverage

So you do not need to use a concealer to hide blemishes and imperfections, opt for a basic coverage or a high base 3 in 1 which has the effect of concealer, foundation and powder. But try before you buy the tint on your face because it will be very strong, then the tone should be exactly compatible with the color of their skin.

To apply the base, use basic brush, sponge, or his fingers. Start on the forehead, and apply "down" for the rest of the face. Do not forget to pass on the mobile lid and leave the base and smooth on your skin to keep the look natural.

Step 2: Blush

The blush is the second step to get your makeup beautiful. Choose a tone that is similar to the tone of your skin, but more stained. Avoid pink, they may be too artificial in the face. Give a slight smile and apply on the cheek, if you have thin or elongated face. Apply below the apples if you have a square face or to give a more rounded contour to it.

Step 3: Powder Translucent

The translucent powder (indicated for the majority of the skins), after the last blush and base gives the necessary finishing face and decrease the brightness of the skin oils. This step is important and should not be skipped, especially on hot days. The powder can also help prolong the life of makeup, but its effect is still much softer than the effect of a primer, which holds the makeup for much longer.

Apply the powder in the face with a powder brush, and those full, soft, spreading lightly across the face, including where you applied the blush. This technique gives the most natural look, leaving your face looking healthy and beautiful.

Step 4: Mask of cilia

The mask of cilia is the penultimate step of makeup and is essential to make the look even more feminine. Choose the mask of your own lashes and apply it above and below the upper eyelashes with a zigzag motion. Apply one coat, allow to dry and apply another layer to the effect of the doll`s eyelashes.

Step 5: Lipstick or gloss

Finally, the last step is to let his mouth full of beautiful color. As this makeup does not apply any shadow or eyeliner to the eyes, the mouth should be in full evidence. We recommend a lipstick or gloss red wine, pink or coral. Choose the color that suits you or the look that you are using make-up and finish with a mouth and eye-catching. One tip is to use a lip gloss Long-term, they are well pigmented and last a lot.

This suggestion of makeup looks good and can be used on several occasions, as a ballad or a dinner. Caprice on the eyelashes and the choice of lipstick to make the look more attractive. Try this makeup and you will see that you can apply makeup and look beautiful without having to buy hundreds of different products.

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