Make up - Yes or No?

4 years ago

Hi everyone. So, I decided to make this post to share with you guys my opinion about make up and for you guys to give me <strong>your personal opinion</strong>. I always saw a lot of girls and women using make up, I personaly think that it is not anything bad but something which help us to get our confidence back and to make us to feel better. I personaly don`t see a lot of girls in my age using make up, I don`t know if they don`t like or why they do not use. Those are <strong>my reasons</strong> why i started to use make up:
I lost my confidence;
Everybody spoke badly about me because I usualy to look yellow;
I wanted to feel better;
I have bubbles;
I wanted to look <strong>normal</strong>.
So, I used to use make up every day and I was like a pro, because I didn`t know anything about make up and then I could do whatever I wanted to. <strong>See what my mom said to me:</strong>
«You have to stop using make up. I don`t want to see you using make up because you`re going to look so old and damaged your skin.»
I was like: Are you kidding me? I have a LOT of imperfections on my skin and I`m trying to make my life more easier and you are trying to forbid me to use that?
I mean, I listen a lot of persons saying make up do not damage my skin and other people sharing stories from people who has their skin totaly damaged because of make up.
<strong>I am 15 years old</strong>, i know that I am very young. But I feel miserable without make up, because my face looks horrible and it`s so bad for me.

<strong>Talk to talk:</strong>
What is your opinion about make up?
Do you want to give me any advice?

<em>Thanks for reading!</em>

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