Make People Believe You Have An iPhone

5 years ago

If you don`t have an iPhone but you want to make people believe you do, there is a service for that!
This goes to my list of pointless and strange stuff. What this does is add to each email at the end the phrase " Sent from my iPhone" like all iPhones do, but if you don`t have an iPhone you can pay 1$ a month to have this on your phone everytime you get an email so the people that receives it thinks you have an iPhone.

I don`t really see the point in this, its actually something i erase every time i send an email from my ipad or iphone ( unless its i email a picture to myself to my PC, i don`t bother deleting when its for that) because there is no point in let people know you have an iphone or iPad, so this service is not something i would use but its a strange service and i think it will be a matter of time before Apple takes action to it.

<strong>What do you think of this service? Would you use this to make people believe you have an iphone if you didn`t?</strong>

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