Make Mulled Wine for Thanksgiving!

2 years ago

I had an early Thanksgiving with some of my family yesterday and it was wonderful! We had a huge turkey, stuffing, cranberries, potatoes, and lots of other yummy dishes :) I decided we should make mulled wine, too, since it`s festive and would fit in nicely for Thanksgiving. The verdict? Delicious!!

Making mulled wine is quite simple. There`s two ways to do it: the `old fashioned` way, or the `quicker` way, lol. I just do mine the quicker way. Either way, you get the same results since it`s the same thing. Doing it the old fashioned way requires simmering the wine in a pot on the stove with whole spices in it. The `quick` way is to do it in a crockpot and with spices that you can buy already all put together (so you don`t have to buy all the spices separately).

Always make mulled wine with red wine red, and the dryness or fruitiness is up to you based on your taste preference. Take a whole bottle and pour it into the crockpot and keep it on low. This will heat the wine without boiling it. Add the spices directly into the wine (cloves, cinnamon, orange, star spice). I get my mulling spices from Target, because they actually have an Archer Farms brand one called `mulling spices` that already has all the different spices in it and ready to use. Convenient! Let the spices seep in the wine for a bit (the longer, the spicier!), and then serve it hot! :)

Mulled wine is perfect around the holidays because it looks festive and it has those spices that are so common in winter-y foods and drinks. It`s a great way to top off a Thanksgiving menu!

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