Make Money Working Out!

4 years ago

I`m not going to lie. I hate working out. But if I was paid to work out? That sounds great right?!

Well you can. There`s a program called Gym Pact, which basically you pay a certain amount each month and dedicate to working out a certain amount each month. When you don`t meet that goal, you lose that amount that you pay. BUT, if you meet the goal, you get paid back by the slobs that didn`t meet the goal. So Gym Pact collects all the amounts from those that slacked off this month for whatever reason. And divvy it up among the hard workers. But wait, how do they know I worked out?

They track you via GPS. They use an app which you have to download. And they only validate gyms in their network or nationwide gyms. I.E. you can`t say you`re working out in your home gym on the treadmill when you`re actually on the COUCH watching Justin Bieber on MTV eating fried OREOS!

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