Make Eyeliner on the Waterline Stay!

4 years ago

Every single person who wears makeup knows that one of the most difficult things is keeping eyeliner on your waterline.

Now this can be pretty tricky, but once it is done correctly, and can really change up the eye look to something amazing!

Most of us, use either a eyeliner pencil, or gel for the line. But I have found some tips to keep the eyeliner staying for hours!

Tip 1: Take a cotton swab and lightly go over your waterline, to help dry any moisture.

Tip 2: Take a eyeliner pencil lightly line the waterline, just get a line, done use too much.

Tip 3: Now take that same pencil and dip it in a gel eyeliner so the gel coats the tip of liner, and line on the waterline. do really you are doubling up the liner.

Tip 4: Take a black shadow or the darkest shadow you have, and use a small eyes shadow brush and just place the shadow over the eyeliner, to help it last. Be careful doing this as doing it too much can irritate your eyes.

Clean up any smudges or fall out and all done! Your eyeliner on the waterline should last longer than if you were to just use one or the other.

Thoughts? have any of your personal tips?


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