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Hello girls,
with its peak in summer and warm days that have been felt, it is necessary to have some caution with makeup we put on the face, because it can easily drain. I am apologist for the use of light products which do not burden the skin. However, in the summer we also have to go out and when that happens we like to go Arranjadinho. For this we need a finisher dusting powder to help us keep oiliness away. For me, this powder is undoubtedly the compact line B. Make The Apothecary`s.

Want to know more about this product? So let`s review the ..

High Definition Powder Compact SPF 15 Medium Beige in color

Useful Information
This compact is available in any store for 14.90 The apothecary. You can also find the products of B. Make The online store of the Apothecary.

The packaging line Make The Apothecary B are quite unique and different from what we see in cosmetics. The brand starts right for introducing us to a small box with the product that glows with the light will change color, I loved it.

And then the product itself has a very elegant packaging with a small swarovski crystal on the lid. It has an oval shape, and the opening is made, not in the middle, but at the end of the pack. It has a mirror of reasonable size, and below the product has a compartment with a small esponginha to apply the product. I personally do not use, I prefer the brush, but for those who like the sponge is of good quality.

However, I am no fan of the shiny material that is made packaging, because it allows the accumulation of fingerprints and is always ugly in my opinion.

What does The Apothecary
"It has a fine texture and smooth because of the micronized particles that cause the light rays are reflected diffusely, minimizing glare of the skin. Offers a natural, luminous, concealing skin imperfections. The result is a hairy skin, the tint, depending on the chosen color, and a makeup last longer, up to 8 hours. It has SPF 15 and is suitable for all skin types. "

My opinion
This product can be used in two ways. Can be used as a base powder, or as finished powder makeup. I`ve used it both ways and liked the way he behaved.

As a powder foundation, it does not give a 100% coverage, but for a quick exit or even for day to day, it works well. If your skin does not have many imperfections it covers well and gives a natural finish smoothing the skin tone. If your skin has problems like dark circles or pimples, I recommend using a broker before applying this product as a powder foundation. However, I mostly use this product as finished powder. As my job requires you to deal directly with the public, I use every day a net basis with some coverage. To finish my makeup always use this product.

It has a very fine texture, or the finish is natural and does not leave us with the guy with the heavy and weird feeling that we put more product. Leaves skin very smooth and healthy looking. The durability of the product is also very good, the brand stands up to 8 hours, I would not say so, I place all day in the morning and by lunchtime always touched up her makeup.

What I love about this product, it is their ability to slow down the greasiness which appears on the skin. For those with oily skin is a good product, with the advantage of having SPF of 15 which is always good. I did not notice any reaction on my skin, and also did not notice that this product had some kind of smell. Advise the application of this product with a large brush cleaner to just get a thin layer of product. If using as a base powder recommend the use of a dense kabuki and to achieve greater coverage.

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