Make a Video Of Your FB Timeline

5 years ago

You might know facebooks new feature, Timeline and that is creating a lot of buzz/critics on the service, with users that like it and other that don`t.
Well, if it helps anyone accept the new feature a bit more, there is a new service/app that would make Timeline better.
Its called "Timeline Movie Maker" and its an app that can analyze your FB timeline and then create a music with soundtrack that looked like you did it yourself with hours on a proper software.
The video unfortunately can`t be saved or posted on a website but you can probably just watch it yourself and share it on FB. Still, its a very nice feature and if i used FB a lot and had timeline, i would try this out.

Check out the video to see how the end result of the video can be. In case you want to visit the website :

<strong>Do you use timeline?What do you think of it?
Will you use this app to make a timeline movie masterpiece?</strong>

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