Make a Teddy Bear from a Sock

4 years ago

You know how sometimes you lose a sock? I don`t know how I do it, but I do....

Well don`t though out the other one, make a cute teddy bear.

1. wash to surviving sock REALLY WELL

2. mark out the head, body and arms of your little bear ... you gotta look at the pictures to figure that out cuz it`s hard to explain

3. cut out and spread the pieces out to make sure you have everything you need seams on the wrong side of the head and turn inside out. stuff the head and close the hole

5. with a piece from another sock, cut out an oval and sew onto your bearĀ“s head shut the seams on the body of the bear, stuff the body

7. close the hole

8.put on his cute little face (you can embroider that or attach beads or buttons)

9. attach the head to the body

10. stuff and attach the arms

That`s it! Put on a little bow or make an outfit for your little buddy!

Great starter sewing craft for kids!

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