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2 years ago

My friends and I got together after work one evening to make fall wreaths. Everyone brought their own wreath to decorate and we all brought a bunch of different adornments to share. Some people made more Halloween-themed wreaths and others more fall/autumn-themed ones. I decided to take mine in a more autumn-y direction and I LOVE how it turned out! Keep reading to find out how to make your own!


1. Gather Supplies
My supplies all came from Michaels and the Dollar Tree (where everything is actually $1 lol). My wreath is 18 inches and was only $4.99! If I had used the 50% coupon my friend gave me, it would`ve only been $2.50 (but I forgot the coupon... they always have them available online!). They have a bunch of different wreaths to choose from, but I went with a plain twisted twig one. It`s very natural and fall-ish looking :) I then bought some ribbon, leaves, and `fall garland` at the Dollar Tree to use as decoration on the wreath.

2. Determine A `Base Design`
A base design is the `first layer` of your wreath. Some have ribbon, others use glitter, or ornaments, or anything that serves as the `background` for the things that go on top. My base design was a burgundy glitter ribbon that I wrapped around the wreath like a candy-cane . It made a great base color and allowed me to keep putting things on top!

3. Apply `Ornaments`
Your ornaments are the things that go on to the wreath that `stick out` from it (a Christmas one, for example, would likely have pinecones and actual ornaments). Mine used individual leaves and then an autumn garland strand that was the perfect length for stringing around the wreath. The garland had gorgeous fall leaves, mini pumpkins (see second picture) and fall-colored berries. I didn`t use any glue, but rather tucked the garland into the exposed branches of the wreath as I wrapped it around. I think it gives a more authentic look that way! :)

4. Finish With An Accent Piece
Most wreaths have a bow, or initials, or something along the side or bottom that serves as an accent piece. I made a bow out of the same ribbon I had originally wrapped the wreath in and stuck in on the bottom right (I do wish it was a little bigger... but that was all the ribbon I had!). I think the bow really pulled all the colors and designs together :)

5. Hang It Up!
My wreath is currently hanging on my front door and I love seeing it everyday! It`s a great feeling seeing something to decorative and knowing that you made it. It`s a wonderful feeling of accomplishment, lol. Make sure to display yours in a nice spot!

All in all, my wreath cost me about $8 to make and I absolutely LOVE the way it turned out! And since it`s more fall-themed than Halloween-themed, I`ll be able to keep it up until Thanksgiving. It`s a great craft to make and super inexpensive.

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