Magnus - The Perfect Design for a iPad Stand

5 years ago

I currently have a dock that keeps my iPad standing, but its still nice to see what is out there and this is probably the best stand for the iPad in the market.
Its called Magnus and with a sleek design and almost invisible shape from the front, the Magnus was designed by Ten One and it will look great with the iPad design and in your desk with the rest of your gadgets, but it does look nicer with more Apple products like in the picture next to an iMac.
This stand with a minimalist design will set you back 50$ and it doesnt do much more than keep your iPad in place and looking pretty, which is already 2 nice features but not worth the 50$ in my opinion. One nice thing they could have done with it was to add the usb connection feature and that would justify the price because it would work like a dock but i see that might be difficult with this current design because the dock connector doesn`t rest one the stand. Still, they could have figured it out the design in a way to make that possible.

<strong>What do you think of this stand? Would you get it(despite the price)?</strong>

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