MAGNETIC Nails...lt3

4 years ago

So I am in love with the new types of nail polish trends that are coming out right now! I was lucky enough to receive a VoxBox and get this super neat Sally Hansen magnetic Nail polish in it!

The first thing I did was take of my current manicure and paint my nails with this! haha I just could help myself.

I had heard about and seen this type of polish before but the price tag always kept me from trying it, especially since was hearing mixed reviews.

So here is my review of this polish:

I got the color Silver Elements, it is a medium grey color, and it obviously has a metallic sheen to it. It is a pretty medium thickness polish that isnt hard to work with at all. It also dries in a decent amount of time with a quick dry top coat.

What they tell you to do to create this cool design using the magnet in the cap is..paint on thin base coat on your nail, let it dry and then paint a THICK coat on top and immediately hover the magnet over the top of your wet nail.

You see immediate results from the magnet, it is so fun to see the nail polish changing!! I just love it.

My only complaint is that the magnet isnt big enough, so on my thumbs there are sections that did not get magnetized :/

Overall, I am very happy with the result and think it is a simple and fun way to give yourself a manicure!

Let me know what you think of my magnetic manicure...
Do you own a magnetic polish??

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