Magnet that Orders You Pizza

5 years ago

In Dubai, Red Tomato Pizza restaurant launched the VIP-fridge magnet (VIP for Very Important Pizza) two months ago, and has seen its business grow by leaps and bounds in the weeks since. They delivered potential customers a magnet which you touch a button and then pizza is delivered to your home!

So how does a tap of a button on the pizza box-shaped magnet result in a pizza at your door? Users first register their pizza preferences online. The magnet, which has a lift-up lid, connects to any Bluetooth device and sends a message to the restaurant with the preset request. Red Tomato then sends the customer a confirmation text, offering the option to cancel.

More than 70 percent of magnet owners are already repeat customers. Red Tomato is now out of magnets and has ordered more. In Dubai, everyone wants their food delivered, but I think this concept would work great in other countries as well.

What do you think about this push to order magnet? I know I would use it!

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