Magic Mike Review

4 years ago

When Magic Mike was new and still in theaters, I wasn`t really interested in the movie even though a lot of girls were excited to go see it. I recently saw this movie in RedBox and wanted to see it! For only $1, you can`t go wrong! I wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

In the beginning, it shows Mike bringing in the new guy who is lost and doesn`t know what to do with his life. They both strip together and the new guy learns to toughen up and experiences crazy parties and drugs. In the meantime, Mike falls in love with the new guy`s sister... After the brother passes out from drugs and the sister is worried sick and looks for him, that`s when Mike realizes that he can`t continue his outrageous lifestyle anymore. I wasn`t satisfied with the ending because I didn`t know if the brother would continue to strip or not since Mike stopped and Mike and his sister got together. It shows the new guy taking Mike`s place, but that didn`t leave me satisfied. I wanted to new guy to stop lol.

I didn`t enjoy the movie all too much. Some parts were boring and I didn`t like the dancing. I thought they were cheesy.

What did you think of this movie if you watched it?

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