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i went to see this movie with some girlfriends today and wooooooooooooo was it everything that was promised and more!

just kidding. i don`t want to be the kind of girl that goes to see a movie for the eye candy. i`ll admit that that`s why i went to see it. i`m pretty sure that`s why anyone is seeing it.

first off, for those of you with significant others, it`s best to leave them at home! i feel like the men in this movie will make them feel a little inadequate. and there`s a lot of man tush that most guys aren`t really into seeing, if ya know what i mean ;) and when i say a lot, i mean A LOT. i read reviews that said i would be seeing a lot of behinds, but even i was a little shocked.

i don`t really consider myself conservative and it really takes a lot to shock me. this movie wasn`t dark and it didn`t cross any boundaries for me at all. however, if you aren`t used to a lot of foul language and nudity, this will be a shocker!

as for the plot itself, it was alright. on rotten tomatoes, a lot of critics said that the movie still manages to have a heart at its core, but i disagree. yes, there was a cohesive story. this film was directed by the same guy who directed erin brokovich and ocean`s eleven; i don`t expect any less from him! channing tatum gave a pretty good performance, one that i didn`t think he was capable of. matthew mcconaughey was amazing, but i feel like his role wasn`t much of a stretch for him, especially considering how much he likes to show off his body lol. however, i felt like nothing else was really developed. my friends and i were pretty disappointed by the ending, which was abrupt and not at all satisfying.

i`m glad i saw it. i had a good time. there were definitely a few blushworthy moments in there. i wouldn`t see it again though. once in a lifetime is enough :)

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