Magazine Haul

I picked up a few magazines today.

Glamour with Emma Watson as cover.

Elle with Britney Spears as cover.


Cosmopolitan with Zooey Deschanel as cover.

I absolutely love magazines. I actually have this long process that I do with them. I don`t just read a magazine and then toss it away.

First of all, I never buy a magazine if either 1) It doesn`t have someone I like on the cover, or 2) I don`t like the fashion spread.
Because magazine costs can add up, and I want to make sure there`s a lot I can do with it.

Here`s what I do. I read the magazine cover to cover. Then I go through the magazine again and tear it up page by page and see if there`s anything I can hang up on my walls. I`m a huge fan of having pretty photography and pictures of celebrities I like on my walls. Usually, what I pick to keep and put up is the cover spread, the fashion spread, and some advertisements. If I like the photography or clothes, or think the person is nice to look at, it`s definitely going up on my wall. :)

Every time I move, I always completely cover my walls in these things. It just makes me feel like wherever I am is cozy and familiar. And pretty!

After that, I go through the pages that are left, and I cut out any pretty words or small pictures that I find. And I scrapbook with them.

Right now, I`m working on a huge board of just that kind of stuff. I love crafty sort of things like that. I`ll probably hang that up on my wall too. Lol.

And then I just throw what`s left away, and go on my merry way. Sometimes, I collect a few magazines at a time, and just sit down with my little project for hours.

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