Madonna Fitness Tips - How She Keeps in Shape!

5 years ago

Madonna is considered a pop icon but she is not only known for her songs, she is also known for looking very fit, especially considering her age, and is also a fitness role model.
Madonna has shared some of her tips and what she does to keep in such a good shape and energy:
-<li type =disc> She makes food and exercise a priority and embraces it as a lifestyle, not something she does for tours. </li>

<li type =disc> She works out regularly with a personal trainer. Even though not everybody has access to a PT, the main point is that working out regularly produces results. </li>

<li type =disc> She adds variety to her workouts and challenges her body. By doing this, Madonna (and everybody lol) is making the body guess what is going to do and so it wont get used to the same workouts. Its also a good way to not get bored with exercise. </li>

<li type =disc> She drinks coconut water to keep herself hydrated. It seems that coconut water is becoming a trend and I can see why because from what I looked up, coconut water has a lot of vitamins and nutrients combined with a different flavor. So its definitely a choice to consider. </li>

<li type =disc> She has fun with her workouts. She seems to do a lot of dance related workouts that make not only for a good cardio and practice dance moves, its also a good way to spend time and wont make working out as much as a chore.</li>

<li type =disc> She goes 100% on her exercise. She really dedicates herself to the exercise, so much that while rehearsing for her Super Bowl performance she worked out so much she pulled a hamstring =/ So, give 100% also but be careful with form and injuries. </li>

And these are some of the things Madonna does to keep her great shape and energy for those most likely exhausting tours.

<strong>What do you think of her? Do you see her as fitness/health role model? </strong>

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