Madonna booed in concert at the Olympia in Paris

4 years ago

Fans unhappy with the short time show insulted the singer booed at the end of the show. The European tour `MDNA` has been marked by negative criticism and political polemics.

Fans who wanted to see Madonna at the Olympia in Paris, were disappointed with the meager 45-minute concert that had the right, last Thursday, July 26. The extra show was programmed with only one week in advance and sold out within hours, with most seats occupied by members of his official fan club. A group of malcontents demanded his money back (ticket prices went from 80 to 280 euros), while others preferred the queen of pop booing and shouting insults like `salope`.
Many fans choose to express their anger in the pages of Twitter, with comments like "How much to see Madonna at the Olympia? 6.30 euros per minute "or" Madonna vs. Springsteen 3h40/65 45min/250 . What is the best deal? ", Alluding to the shows, most generous-time performance, the fans were treated to Bruce Springsteen this summer.
The Madonna concert earlier, on July 14 at the Stade de France (Paris), had already been the subject of controversy when the image of Marine Le Pen, leader of right-wing French National Front, was displayed on the giant screen, combined with a swastika. Marine Le Pen complained against Madonna.
This incident was indeed reason for a speech from the singer during the show at Olympia: "I know that irritated some Marine Le Pen. It is not my intention to make enemies. My intention is to promote tolerance. And when we start saying that we must get rid of this person or that group, because that is better for our earth, begins to sound like something else, anything scary. So the next time you want to point the finger at someone to blame for something wrong in your lives, point it to yourself. "The singer also recalled as France has always been a country known for tolerance and generosity, which welcomed and acclaimed artists such as Charlie Parker or Josephine Baker, when artists african-Americans were discriminated against in their own country.
But the controversy did not begin in Gallic lands. At the concert in Tel Aviv, May 31, was criticized by the excess of guns used as props during the choreography, and the images of blood and swastikas projected on the big screen. And the July 17 concert in Hyde Park in London, there was a stampede of audience before the end of the show. Fans blamed the poor sound, bad weather, an alignment with few successes and unable to attract fans.
Critics and some fans have also been hard on the provision of the pop queen`s voice, which they accuse of not being in top form.
The MDNA European tour ends Aug. 21 in Nice, France and goes to the U.S..

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