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4 years ago

Hey Guys :) I wanted to start of by thanking all of you who have made luuux so freaking awesome for me :) I`ve been on the site almost 3 years now and have met some amazing people :) I`ve also grown an addiction to nail polish and become a hoarder thanks to you guys!! haha but seriously, I have adored reading all different kinds of posts on luuux and discovering new products through people. With that being said, I am unsure as to whether or not I will be continuing with luuux. Many users are leaving, and before more do I would like to have a way to keep in contact with you! I have decided to start a blog outside of luuux. I`m still in the process of working on it, and I really have a long way to go. I don`t even have a single follower yet lol! I`m going to be going through my luuux account and transferring lots of posts over there, but I will also be adding tons of new stuff there too (even some giveaways ;) ). As for those of you leaving luuux, I wish you the best :) Blogging has become a passion of mine so I`m really hoping my new blog works out for me! Have an awesome day guys, and if you are creating a separate blog PLEASEEE leave your link below so I can follow it :) & if you follow mine I will love you forever!! haha XOXO, Madison D

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