Made My FIRST order! Ultimate Sigma Kit

4 years ago

So I finally made my first order, after pretty much a year of being in luuux ( I was absent some time because of exams and the IB and well yeah its senior year for me) but Im so happy because I`ve worked so hard for these and I just want to thank you each and evry oen of you who commented on my post and liked them and follow me and have to bear my some times annoying post lol well I try to make them as fun but I just ramble too much Im doing now haha anyways..

I ordered the Sigma Ultimate kit and well at first I wanted the bobby brown set, and the YSL set but they took them off, so then I wanted the ipod 64 gh because mine was stolen but it was such a long way and i decided to buy it with my own money, I actually just got it less than a month ago. So then this perfumes, and alexander maqueen scarf, canon camera, and so many great things are coming out an dIm just like ok. take it easy Laura, step by step and then the sigma paris palette comes out, plus the MIA and I was actually gonna get them both instead of the ultimate kit less than a week ago but someone the order wasnt going through, so I desisted, and today that I finally got the whole 23,494 Luuux points for my kit, the order went in an instant plus I thought it through, I dont usually wear shadowy shades and the pallete Im most excited to get is the bare one because I dont have any of the urban decay palettes an d well this is the closest I can get, plus I love matte..

I think I`ll be going to USA in the summer and I`m thinking about doing a giveaway because is cheaper to ship it from there to any part of the world than from here Colombia (and safer) I already have some goodies bought since Ive been collecting products for a while now in order to thank you guys however Ill keep you posted when will this be, for now I just want to say thank you and all of you who are after a goal here on luuux, just keep on blogging and you`ll get there!

My new goal?

Either the Clarasonic mia( no batteries, hell yeah!) or the Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Eau de Parfume or the long term one (since they took out the rose gold one) Michael Kors Womens Chronograph White Crystal but I wish they would add some Jeffrey Campbell Litas shoes or black 1480 doc martens to the shop, just more stuff to chose from instead of the tea makes and stuff no body really will cash out.. just a thought <3

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