Made fresh pasta for the first time.

4 years ago

This is my first post in the Food Universe!

I made pasta for the first time on a whim at 1am in order to test out a pasta machine and to try fresh pasta. I just found a simple recipe online that uses all-purpose flour.
I had a few problems getting the dough to mix with the right ratio of ingredients since the recipe didn`t work out so well for me. In the end I got it to stick together then continued to knead it and finally letting it rest for an hour.
Usually I use the pasta machine for rolling out polymer clay but I wanted to try it with pasta. I tried cleaning it well but couldn`t get into the nooks and crannies so after I put a quarter of the dough and little bits of clay got in so I used it to clean the machine and threw it out afterwards.
Eventually it got clean and I proceeded making the pasta. I decided to make noodles and a few raviolis.

In the end I think it came out pretty tasty! It tasted more eegy than I thought which is probably due to that extra egg. I also didn`t know how long to cook it since I`m not sure what to look for to tell when it`s done so I just kept tasting pieces until I felt it was soft enough. I just put some shredded cheese inside the raviolis and added sauce from a jar on top. I ended up finishing everything at 4am and didn`t want to eat too much but it was so good I didn`t want to stop. xD
Next time I make fresh pasta it`ll probably be at a more appropriate time.

Have you ever made pasta from scratch or eaten fresh pasta? How do you compare it to dried pasta?

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