Mackenzies mausoleum, Edinburgh

4 years ago

Whilst recently in Edinburgh (more posts to come soon) I visited the Greyfriars Kirkyard grave yard to visit the Covenanters Prison where George MacKenzie`s tomb said to be one of the most haunted places on earth and the best documented supernatural case in history is.

The area is normally locked of from the main part of the grave yard and isn`t accessible to the public but on one of my visits here, the gate was open.

In 1679 when there was no room in the city prison the part of the cemetery surrounding Mackenzies mausloeum (picture 2) was used to house (I use the term house lightly, it was open air) up to 2000 Coventor`s. The area measures around 110 yards long and 25 yards wide with open tombs on either side. Unsurprisingly many of these people died.

Back in 1998 a homeless man broke into Mackenzie`s mausoleum as he was trying to look for shelter for the night. Exploring the mausoleum he discovered a small passage in the back ad entered. He stumbled across George Mackenzies coffin and attempted to try and open it as the people buried in this grave yard were noble and were often buried with riches. In descrating the coffin, he fell through the floor and found himself in a vault of old dead bodies. A man walking his dog at the time heard the homeless mans screams and contacted the police. In the following weeks many people that had come into contact with this area of the cemetery especially the Mackenzies mausoleum complained of nausea, fainting, patches of intense cold and sweet but sickening smells. The mausoleum was then locked but the rest of the cemetery left open to the public.

I, personally, spent around 10 minutes in Mackenzies mausoleum; walking around, touching things, taking pictures and I can report no spooky or strange activity. I was a little disappointed.

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