Macedamia Healing Oil Treatment

4 years ago

I have been wanting to try this hair oil for forever. I saw online at ULTA that they had small sized ones for like 5 dollars so I decided to buy it. It actually lasted me quite a while until I forgot to screw the cap back on all the way and some of it leaked, but I still got to use most of it.

Anyways, this is a seriously raved about hair oil. The beauty community has been going nuts over this and their hair mask. I used mine sparingly so I only applied it on the bottom half of my hair and down. It made it feel amazingly soft. It also helped eliminate some of the tangles. It was even easier to straighten and curl because it wasn`t as frizzy.

Now for the negatives..
You have to be careful about where and how much you apply. Too much can leave your hair feeling greasy, it is an oil after all. So try to not apply it near your roots or scalp since those areas tend to get greasy throughout the day anyways.

Also the price is outrageous. I think a full sized bottle is like forty dollars. So here`s what I recommend doing. Buy a little container like this for five dollars. If you use it right you can get 10-15 uses out of it. Use it before a special day. If there`s an event or somewhere that you want your hair to look nice and be less frizzy use it for that. I don`t know about you guys, but I can`t afford to have this be an everyday product for me.

So tell me what you guys think! Image is mine

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