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4 years ago

Ok, now, hold your horses, because this is the MOST AMAZING COMPUTER EVER!!!! & I need to catch my breath before I even begin to give my opinion.

Ok, I`m ready!!! Now, If I am not mistaken, any Apple product is like "THE" thing to get, but a Computer (not iPad, iPhone, or iPod) but a keyboard, mouse/trackpad, COMPUTER, is "THE HOLY GRAIL", for anybody. Sure it`s NOT:
1. touchscreen (like some new Internet Exploring Computers)
2.Cheap... yeah.. :( sadly not....


Now with all these new additions on Internet Exploring computers, you usually have to purchase a new computer, not do UPDATES like a Mac.
& also, the Cheap factor.... this is the hmmm should i choose the $300 desktop computer @ Walmart, or go for the gold computer that costs as much as well, gold?? Its called either budget, or saving up!!! ( or maybe a library lol)

Ok so the plus topic: to many to name, sleek laptop, cool camera effects, amazing iLife programs, apps, tv, safari, facetime...WOAH!!! lots of stuff!!!! :)

I stopped by BestBuy today & we were going to buy an Undeerwater Camera, & as my shopping buddy was going to finish up the order, I wandered over to the MacBookPro Section of the store, & played for about an hour on these electronic beasts. I chose to stand in front of the 17" & mess around. I loved everything, it`s SOOO easy to understand!! And being a current Internet Explorer user, i must admit Internet Explorer computer companies are the worst excuse for a computer I have ever used!!! (not slamming, just my opinion, please understand)
Well, i figured out the basics to these computers in about 15 min. Its absolutely amazinG!! I am not computer challenged, but I`m not THE best ever, so i was very pleased. The:
2.Hide it
3.Make Big/Smaller
are actually switched to the other side.
The Launchpad shows all of your Apps & Stuff in a neat folder/page toggle.
The trackpad is MUCH more pleasent to use than a traditional "clicker"...

I really wish I owned one of these, & am hoping to have enough LUUUX to purchase one this year!! Wish me luck, haha...

Luv ya,
Amber Lantz :)
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