MacBook Pro 2012 (13 inch) Review

4 years ago

Looks & Weight:

I really like the simple design that Apple created it very similar to the 2011 model, which I like. The MacBook Pro (13 inch) weights only 4.5 pounds, which isnt too heavy for me carry around in my backpack. The screen is really beautiful indoors but is harder to see in the sunlight. The touched is he best, no laptop compares to the feel and look.


I did purchase the base model and is very fast laptop. Transferring files is very speedy and the Internet connection seems to be a lot faster than my previous window laptop.

Battery Life:

When I first got the MacBook the battery life was an amazing. I got 10 hours of heavy use but is now it has decreased to 5-7 hours. You can increase this by letting the laptop die to 0% and charging to 100% without using it.

Software & warranty

It did come with OS X 10.7 but I did get OSX 10.8 for free because of apple promotion. OS 10.8 does include iMessage and Notification Center, which I dont use that often but is nice to have. The warranty that comes with it is 90 day of call support and 1 year of hardware. I most likely wont upgrade the warranty because I dont need it.


I bought this laptop for college but I think really anyone would like this product you can even install Window 7 if you need too. If you need something more portable get the MacBook Air (do note it has limited storage). I rate this product 4/5 stars.


Do you own or want a MacBook Pro?

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