Macbook Air?

4 years ago

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I actually have been wanting to get a Macbook lately. i really wanted one for awhile now, and i totally think i am gonna save up for this summer!
I really like their sleek design and their different software, and alot of people have said that Macbooks are amazing!

I did have a Macbook in white, but it was really old and i believe i sold that! Anyway, but i am torn between the pro and the air!

I think i am gonna go with the Air! The paper-thin design already sold it to me. It is also lighter to carry and i think that i would have that because it is small and easy to place in a bag. Although it doenst have a CD, i dont think i will be needing that anyway.

The prices for the Air are starting at $999, quite cheaper than the Pro, but i actually am torn between the two! And hopefully they dont come out with a new Air because they seem to update their products quite often!

Any questions or comments? Write below!
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