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Macaroons! Have you ever tried macaroons? If so tell me about it in the comments! Which one did you get, and did you like it!?

Macaroons are mainly a hit or miss on the taste factor, you either like them or you don`t. Macaroons (suppose to be spelt macarons in french) have a crisp outer shell and have moist, kinda chewy innards along with a rich ganache filling. they are very dense and sweet and come in many flavors. it is very hard to resist a good macaroon! In the photo, I have purchased and received nine (9) freshly, hand made macaroons from Vanilla Bakeshop located in only two areas in Santa Monica, California.

From left to right;
First Column: Vanilla bean with vanilla bean buttercream filling
Second Column: Pistachio with vanilla bean buttercream filling
Third Column: Lemon with tart meyer lemon buttercream

They were custom made to my liking and order. Classic macaroons are usually made with a chocolate glaze called "Ganache` ". Ganache`; a chocolate that is pourable, yet hard to touch. A mixture of chocolate and cream. Can be used for macaroons (of course), cake glaze, sweets, and even covering candy! You know those truffles, with the little strawberries or cherries inside? Yes, the chocolate that is covering those is Ganache`! Mainly used as a glaze, but some like to get a little adventurous and use it as a cake filler!

Macaroons at Vanilla Bakeshop can be expensive to some, they are $31.50 for for the nine (9) macaroons I had purchased. About $3.50 each. Vanilla Bakeshop is wonderful! They also have more than just macaroons at their Bakeshop, everything from cakes to miniature ice cream! If you want message me and I will message you back the two locations they have. They are not franchise, only family owned!

Hope you enjoyed! Thanks!

Photo and review is mine.

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