Macarons from TampT

4 years ago

I went grocery shopping with my mom the other day at T&T, which is an asian grocery store chain here in Canada. I passed by the bakery section and to my surprise, they had macarons!! Im sure you all know what macarons are. If not, a macaron is a French confection made with egg whites, icing sugar, ground almonds and food coloring.

I rarely eat macarons because they`re pretty pricey for what they are but these ones were only $3.99 for 3. Of course I had to take advantage of this amazing deal haha. <em>The flavours I got were 2 coffee, chocolate, pistachio, mango, and lemon.</em> Some of them got broken since it got squished in the shopping bags. Ohwell it`s the taste that counts :P

I expected them to be okay because they were super cheap and I always had problems with pastries from T&T. But these were actually super delicious!! My favourite has to be the pistachio one, wish I got more :( It was super soft yet kind of chewy like how macarons are supposed to be. They were not super sweet either which is what I prefer since its less sickening. Overall, these macarons were a hit and I`d definitely get them again.

<strong>Have you tried macarons?
What`s your favourite flavor?</strong>

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