Macarons.. but they weren`t Good! =

I loved the chocolate macarons from Trader Joe`s but they`re discontinued now sadly. I have been extremely bummed out since then and been on a hunt for a good bakery store that sells macarons. I yelped a few bakeries in my location that sells macarons and found a spot where I was at. The ratings and reviews were pretty good for the macarons so I thought I would try some out. They were $2 a piece so for these 4 macarons it was $8 bucks! The cafe also sold other goodies/pastries but I was only in for the macarons.. but unfortunately these are no good!

<strong>What flavors I chose:</strong>

Red Velvet
Green Tea

Were the macarons yummy? They were so squishy/soft.. was not good at all. You could hardly taste the flavor of each macaron. Overall: Such a waste of $8.. My boyfriend was right, should have bought 1 only and if it was good, buy more.. I`m still on a hunt for yummy macarons in Southern California.. Know any?

<strong>Are you a fan of macarons?</strong>

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