3 years ago

Once these babies hit the market, it went viral. Everyone was curious how they taste like and wanted to get their hands on them too. Little did they know, they are definitely pricey! I caved in eventually and wanted to give it a try since majority of my friends were posting them throughout the summer.

There are a lot of different colors because they are all different flavors, ranging from chocolate, strawberry, taro, etc. I was excited to eat them but I was disappointed. I am not the craziest person for sweets but these were way too sweet for my liking. I don`t think I will ever eat them again because it`s just not for me. I am just going to stick to my favorite sweet of all time: red velvet cupcake! HAHA!

(This is my first time posting something in MONTHS! I wanted to see how this new `LUUUX` was going to be, but for now, it seems so overwhelming with images being everywhere. Not sure if I am staying on again but hope everyone is enjoying LUUUX)

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